SCE series refers to the ultracapacitor cell whose capacity is from 100F to 800F. According to different terminal design, four series such as SHZ、SPD、SPZ、TCZ are avilable.
The construction inside structure of this series ultra caps are wound anode and cathode electrode with separator; while the outer structure is aluminum case with insulating sleeve.
SCE series has a variety of output type (table below). For the same ultra cap series , the diameter is same, height is different. Shell with explosion-proof valveen ensure the overall relief during overcharging or abnormal process, so as to avoid explosion.
In order to improve the voltage class of farad capacitor ‘ in use, SCE series are usually connected in serial. The voltage can reach 100 KV after serial-parallel connection, suitable for high voltage and high power requirements.
Different connection types are needed by different series. The soldering pillar are usually connnected by welding on PCB board. The temperature of the electric iron is between 350 degrees celsius and 650 degrees celsius. The time of coating heating is less than 10s.
According to different capacity, SCE series can be used in different areas, such as backup power in instruments、jumpstart、pitching control system、energy storage system, regenerative power unit,ect.

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