Wind turbine
Heavy duty machinery
Energy storage system

The 160V5.8F module is a complete energy storage module comprised of 60 series connected individual supercapacitor singles of which nominal capacitance is 350 F. This module includes cell balance circuit, and midpoint voltage detection circuit,are mainly used in pitchcontrol of wind turbine.
The module is fixed by 12 positioning holes in the middle, and output by the connection terminals on both sides. Dimensions of MCE0005C8-0160R0TBZ are 365(L)*232(W)*80(H)mm. The module should be mounted with the bottom side down, and fixed with screw bolts through the 12 holes of the module. It is recommended to use M5*30 screw bolts, and the torque is 4~6.2 Nm. Spring washers are required to ensure long term, reliable connections.
To avoid arcing and sparking the energy storage module should be in a discharged state and the system power disconnected during installation. The positive / negative terminals are M5 screw terminal block, and they should be connected with OT type terminal head. The output lines should be able to carry the current.
The module should only be operated within specified voltage and temperature ratings. Observe polarity indicated on module. Do not reverse polarity.
SPSCAP 160V5.8F module is the ideal choice for the back-up power supply of wind turbine pitching control system,the key characteristics include the following three aspects:1)1.Reliable performance under a wide range of temperature;2)Good adaptabilities to various geographical environment;3)Good mechanical reliability for module structure.

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