SCV series-2.7V ultracapacitor
Utility meters
Smart instrument
Automobile data  recorders
IT equipment.

SCV 2.7V series refers to the SCV product whose rated voltage is 2.7V. Its nominal capacity range from 1F to 60F.
For this series ultracaps, charging time is short. Because there is no electrochemical reaction in the charging process of ultra capacitor, after charging for 10 seconds ~ 10 minutes, it can reach more than 95% of its nominal capacity, much faster than the battery.
The 2.7V ultracapacitor cells is charactered by excellent recharging and discharging efficiency,wide operating temperature range, and long life cycle. The series is an ideal source of backup power. It can provide extended power availability, allowing critical information and functions to remain available during dips, sags, and outages in a power supply or battery change.
Due to the characteristics of wide operating temperature range(-40℃ to 65℃) and long life cycle, SCV 2.7V series are suitable for varied environment with low temperature. They are used as backup power in AMR、automobile data recorders、black box . Besides, The series with general applicability can be used in auto meter、POS machine、Toy car and plane、long Life Power、Solar Traffic Sign, ect.

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