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Automated guided vehicles(AGV)
As a new type of energy storage device, it is used to drive the AGV and the AGV, such as controlling, communication, safety equipment, and also able to realize fast charging, discharging and energy recovery functions.

Application Area

Provide safe and reliable on-board power supply for AGV manufacturers as systematic super capacitor solution, to achieve fast charging in seconds and satisfy AGV’s requirement for long life, high power, high reliability in its power supply system.
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Application Principle

1 The supercapacitor can be used in parallel connection with the storage battery, so the discharging current of the battery can be controlled under the rated current to extend the service life of storage battery, while improve the power performance of the AGV

2 To replace battery as energy storage device, which could shorten the charging time of equipment and improve the service life of the AGV.

Application Scheme

Safe and Reliable

  • Strictly follows the quality management system of ISO9001, to ensure the consistency in production.
  • Strict test to meet the requirements of safety and reliability.
  • Sealing standard is IP65, and compact, strong, waterproof in design.
  • Anti-flaming design to ensure the safety.
  • Wide range of working temperature from -40℃ to 60 ℃
  • Reduce cycling degradation, strong anti-interference ability, and anti-shock design in structure
  • Low failure rate, easy to maintain and low cost in overall usage

High Performance

  • Rapid charging and discharging, can be charged to full capacity in seconds.
  • High power, can charge and discharge with high power
  • Low internal resistance, can discharge large current
  • Long service life, millions times of cycling life
  • High insulation, to ensure safety in usage.


  • Flexible capacity and voltage design
  • According to the model, run, and the power of the load quantity and design different products

Intelligent Management System

  • Independent and balanced cells, to ensure the consistency of individual cells in their life cycle
  • Alarm on over-voltage and over-temperature, avoid and control potential risks
  • Precise charge and discharge control
  • Flexible combination with auxiliary devices such as inverter, circuit board,and leakage prevention device, to optimize equipment configuration.

Suitable Product

MCP 48V 165F-3000F ultracapacitor
MCP Series
SCP Series
MCE series
SCE-series supercapacitor vs battery
SCE series