Difference Between Capacitor and Supercapacitor

A supercapacitor is also known as an ultracapacitor or a double-layer capacitor. A supercapacitor differs from the ordinary capacitor in that it has much higher capacity and energy density, while at the same time having a higher power density. These characteristics make it a co···

Safety Specification for supercapacitor

1.Cell The positive and negative materials of the super capacitor are activated carbon and aluminum, the electrolyte system with barren liquid form inside cell is is acetonitrile and salt. The main factors that affect the life are voltage and temperature. When the supercapacito···

How to choose an ultra capacitor?

1.Things you must know before selecting an ultra capacitor What kind of ultracapacitor can meet your requirements? What are the critical parameters for ultra capacitor ? We will illustrate this using the ultra capacitor product system of SPS Technology as an example. The key pa···

Voltage balancing of Supercapacitor Module

 1.The structure of supercapacitor module The supercapacitor module consists of single cells in series or parallel connection, as shown: single cells in series connection single cells in parallel connection 2.The Voltage-balancing between single cells in supercapacitor module ···
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Revisiting North America Battery Show, SPS Caught Attention

The Eighth North-America Battery Show closed in great success in Novi on September 14. The Show put together many well-known international brands specialized in new-type of battery, electrical cars, and capacitors, etc. and witnessed an unprecedented success. This is the second···