Normative reference about 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E)

Note: 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E) is a document regarding fixed electric double-layer capacitors (edlc  capacitor) for use in electronic equipment. This document is applicable for electrolytic capacitor/electrical capacitor /esr capacitor/ farad capacitor /start capacitor, and so on.···

Capacitor:Passive flammabilty

The following are stated in 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E). For capacitor, like electrolytic capacitor , supercapacitor , high voltage capacitor, the test shall be made according to IEC 60695-11-5. The capacitor under test shall be held in the flame in the position which best promotes b···


According to IEC 62391-1(First edition 2006-04) ,the measurements of capcitors’ vibration prescribed in the relevant specification shall be made. 1.The capacitors shall be subjected to Test Fc of IEC 60068-2-6, using the mounting method and the degree of severity prescribed in ···


Note  Not applicable to those terminations which the detail specification describes as not designed for soldering. The relevant specification shall prescribe whether ageing is to be applied. If accelerated ageing is requried, one of the ageing procedures given in IEC 60068-2-20···

Characteristics at high and low temperature

According to 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E), the capacitors (including supercaps, high voltage capacitor, auto capacitors ) shall be subjected to the procedures of the dry heat and cold test (4.17.2 and 4.17.3 respectively) with the following details: The degree of severity for these t···
SCP-STA-3000 Farad ultracapacitor

Storage of Capacitor

For capacitor, lots of parameters are closely related to temperature. Therefore, the use and storage of capacitors should be noted that the impact of temperature. According to 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E), some specification about storage are explicitly stated. 1. Storage at high temp···
SCP-WLH-2.7V ultracapacitor

Resistance to soldering heat

The capacitors shall be measured as prescribed in the relevant specification according to International standard IEC 62391-1 Unless otherwise stated in the relevant specification, one of the following test as set out in the same specification shall be applied For all capacitors ,includ···

Endurance of Capacitor

The following is an excerpt from 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E). the capacitor mentioned has so much variety,such as electrolytic capacitor , ultra capacitors  high voltage capacitor. 1.Initial measurements The measurements prescribed in the relevant specification shall be made. 2.The ···
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Things you have to know about Ultra Capacitor

  [Introduction] Nowadays, with numerous kinds of enegy storage options, it has been a main stream to use ultra capacitors along( farad capacitor ) with the characteristics of high power, large current, wide working temperature ranges, high safety, and long cycle life, or in co···