Difference Between Capacitor and Supercapacitor

A supercapacitor is also known as an ultracapacitor or a double-layer capacitor. A supercapacitor differs from the ordinary capacitor in that it has much higher capacity and energy density, while at the same time having a higher power density. These characteristics make it a convenient power source for devices that require high power and durability of the power unit.

how to make ultracapacitor

how to make ultracapacitor

The capacitor is a passive electrical element, which accumulates energy in the electric field between the two conducting electrodes. A capacitor stores electrical charge and is capable of discharging it whenever required. It blocks DC and allows AC to pass through it. Due to its characteristics, a capacitor is widely used in the electronic circuits. Capacitor stores electrical energy directly, as an electrostatic field is created between two metal “plates”.

The supercapacitor can be charged and discharged continuously. Due to carbon technology, supercapacitors are able to create a very large surface area, which exists even with an extremely small separation distance.

DefinitionIn capacitors, energy is stored in their electric field.A supercapacitor is also known as ultracapacitor or double-layer capacitor. A supercapacitor tends to differ from an ordinary capacitor due to its very high capacitance.
Energy DensityComparatively lowComparatively very high
Dielectric materialsDielectric material like ceramic, polymer films or aluminum oxide are used for the separation of the electrodes.Activated carbon is used as a physical barrier between the electrodes so that when an electrical charge is applied to the material a double electric field is generated. This electric field acts like a dielectric.
CostComparatively cheapComparatively expensive
Advantages·Less Battery Drain – A car’s battery does not deplete due to a capacitor.High energy storage – Compared to conventional capacitor technologies, it possesses orders of magnitude higher energy density.
·Powerful stereos- Amplifiers and subwoofers working mechanism is based on the capacitors Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) – Compared to batteries, they have a low internal resistance. Thus, providing high power density capability.
·Less Damaged equipment – It helps to avoid the excessive drawing of power. Fast charge/discharge – they can be charged and discharged without damaging to the parts.
ApplicationsHigh Voltage Electrolytic used in power supplies.CMOS RAM, IC for clocks
Axial Electrolytic; lower voltage smaller size for general purpose where large capacitance values are needed.CMOS micro computer
High Voltage disk ceramic; small size and capacitance value, excellent tolerance characteristics.Micro computer, RAM
Metalised Polypropylene; small size for values up to around 2µF good reliability.Driving motor
Sub−miniature Multi layer ceramic chip (surface mount) capacitor. Relatively high capacitance for size achieved by multiple layers. Effectively several capacitors in parallel. Power source of toys, LED, buzzer

High current supply for a short amount of time


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