EDLC Capacitor:Standard atmospheric conditions for testing

Unless otherwise specified, all tests and measurements about EDLC capacitor shall be made under standard atmospheric conditions for testing as given in 5.3 of IEC 60068-1:

-temperature: 15 ℃ to 35 ℃;

-relative humidity: 25% to 75%;

-air pressure: 86Kpa to 106 Kpa.

Before the measurements are made, the capacitor shall be stored at the measuring temperature for a time sufficient to allow the entire capacitor to reach this temperature. The period ad prescribed for recovery at the end of a test is normally sufficient for this purpose.

When measurements are made at a temperature other than the specified temperature, the results shall, where necessary, be corrected to the specified temperature. The ambient temperature during the measurements shall be stated in the test report. In the event of a dispute, the measurements shall be repeated using one of the referee temperatures (as given in 4.2.3) and such other conditions as are prescribed in this specification.

When tests ar conducted in a sequence, the final measurements of one test may be taken as the initial measurements for the succeding test.

During measurements the capacitor shall not be exposed to draughts, direct sunlight or other influences likely to cause error.

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