Endurance of Capacitor

The following is an excerpt from 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E). the capacitor mentioned has so much variety,such as electrolytic capacitor , ultra capacitors  high voltage capacitor.

1.Initial measurements

The measurements prescribed in the relevant specification shall be made.

2.The tests of IEC 60068-2-2 apply as follows:

d.c. test – Test Ba;

The test specimens may be inserted in the oven at any temperature between room ambient temperature and the specified oven temperature, but the voltage shall not be applied to the capacitor before it has reached the oven tmeperature.

3.The relevant specification shall prescribe:a)duration of the test (e.g. hours);b)test temperature (e.g. room, rated or upper category temperature);c)voltage or current to be applied (see also 4.15.4)

When capacitors have to meet additional requiremtns for electric shock hazard protection, additional test conditons for endurance testing shall be prescribed in the relevant specification.

4.Unless otherwise specified in the relecant specificaiton, the voltage to be applied during the test shall be selected from the following:

d.c. tests

The test shall be carried out at a multiplying factor times the rated voltage (d.c.) at temperatures up to the rated temperature. The test temperature and the value of the multiplying factor shall be specified in the relevant specification. For tests at upper category temperaure the derating factor for the voltage shall be given as well.

5.The capacitors shall be placed in the test chamber in such a manner that:a)for heat dissipating capacitors, no capacitor is within 25 mm of any other capacitor;b)For non-heat dissipating capacitors, no capacitor is within 5 mm of any other capacitor.

6.After the specified period, the capacitors shall be allowed to cool to standard atmospheric conditons for testing and where specified in the relevant specification, the capacitors shall be subjected to recovery.

7.The capacitors shall then be visually eamined.

8.The measurements prescribed in the relevant specification shall then be made. A capacitor shall be considered to have failed when the requirements of the relevant specification during or at the end of the test are not satisified.

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