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Application Area

Application of SPSCAP™ in the heavy duty machinery


Energy Storage System for Energy Recovery and Instantaneous Power Supply

SPS provides super capacitor energy storage device for energy recovery systems in heavy duty machinery. Traditionally cranes, drilling machines, RTGs always use resistors to consume the reversed current in braking. Super capacitors are used to replace the resistors to store the energy and provide power for motors. Besides energy recovery, supercapacitor are also used to provide the instantaneous power when the power-consuming heavy duty machinery start up. Recently diesel engine  is replaced by electrical motor or gas engine in the heavy duty machinery for less pollution.

port machinery-supercapacitors for energy storagePetroleum Machinery-supercapacitors for energy storageMining machinery-supercapacitors for energy storageconstruction machinery-supercapacitors for energy storage
 port machinery Petroleum Machinery Mining machinery Construction machinery Elevator

Application Principle

Application Principle-supercapacitors for energy storage

Application Scheme

High power performance

Rapid response of high output current

Long lifetime, can work as long as 10 years in normal working conditions.

Wide range of working temperature from -40℃ to 65℃, storage temperature can be  -40℃ to 70℃.

Modular design, easy to be integrated

Maintenance free.

Intelligent management for cell voltage and temperature. Abnormal alarming.

Various communication protocol, such as MODBUS.

Well protected for all weathers.

Suitable Product

MCP-Series-supercapacitor vs battery
MCP Series
SCP-Series supercapacitor vs battery
SCP Series
MCE series
SCE-series supercapacitor vs battery
SCE series