How to appropriately calculate the capacitance of ultracapacitor

(1)      constant current:

C=It/( Vwork -Vmin)

eg:Vwork=5V,  Vmin=4.2V,  t=10s,  I=100mA=0.1A

the capacitance:C =0.1*10/(5 -4.2)=1.25F

For SPS, MCV0001C5-0005R5LTN/ MCV0001C5-0005R5LTZ/ MCF0001C5- 0005R5LTZ

is the choice.

(2)      constant power:


eg:P=200KW,  t=10s, Vwork=750V, Vmin=450V

the capacitance:


So the ultracapacitor whose voltage is above 750v and capacitance is 11F can meet this demand.

If the calculated value is beyond the capacitance of standard modules or cells, Customized  products can be the best chioce.

Multiple capacitors in parallel connection:  C=C1+C2+C3+…+Cn

Multiple capacitors in serial connection:  1/C=1/C1+1/C2+…+1/Cn

Multiple capacitors in parallel/serial connection: C=(C1*C2*C3)/(C1+C2+C3)

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