Jump start for Vehicles: Ultra capacitor is more powerful

As a sort of portable power supply, jumpstart for vehicles could provide power supply in cases of power shortage for battery or failure to start-up for other reasons, so it has become a must-have for outdoor travel. This sort of power supply has higher requirement in discharging rate, and there are two types of products currently available in the market: batteries and ultra capacitor. In practice, batteries have gradually exposed their shortcomings: rigid requirement for external environment, long charging time, and short cycling life. Compared with batteries, ultra capacitor has its unique characteristics: high efficiency, large discharging current, wide range of voltage and temperature, long cycling life, maintenance-free, and more suitable to environmental conditions for emergency start-up.

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Battery products are mainly composed lead-acid battery and lithium polymer battery. Lead-acid battery has been used as jump starter power for vehicles for a long time. Its current is roughly between 350-1000A, usually equipped with corresponding air pump, and has protective alarms against over-current, overload, overcharge, and reverse connection. However, both the quality and volume of lead-acid batteries are huge. Lithium polymer power supply for vehicle start-up has a current range between 300-400A, and generally not equipped with air pump, and has shut-off function in overcharge.

In recent years, ultra capacitor is a new option for emergency start-up power for vehicles. Supreme Power Solutions ( SPS ), a leader in the ultra capacitor sector has provided products for many domestic and overseas companies .According to the company’s sales person, ultra capacitor product has the characteristic of large current in discharging, which is quite the same as that of battery products, and it also demonstrates absolute superiority in other fields such as wide range of working temperature, fast discharging and long service life.

As an emerging option for auto emergency start-up power supply, the characteristics of ultra capacitor in terms of power density and rapid charging and discharging capability have fully satisfied the demand for fast response in vehicle start-up, and will play a more and more important role in this field.

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