Long-term cooperation between DISTRELEC and SPS

In June 2019, Munich, Germany – SPS (Supreme Power Solution), the world’s leading provider of super capacitors and energy storage solutions, recently established a partnership with DISTRELEC. The aim of this cooperation is to bring SPS’ most advanced super capacitor technology and products to the global market and provide more timely and high-quality services to more customers.

On the basis of the original super capacitor product system, SPS keeps on developing and innovating. This year, it introduced hybrid capacitor products to the market. While maintaining the power characteristics of super capacitors, SPS greatly improves the energy density of products and provides energy storage solutions for more application scenarios. Based on this cooperation, SPS’ products will be landed on all the online sales platforms of DEITRELEC, helping more customers to understand SPS’ products and technologies, and can make timely online purchases. It will greatly shorten the purchase and supply time.

For this cooperation, Steve Herd, Head of Customer Proposition and Product Management at Distrelec, has stated; “SPSCAP’s industry-leading selection of ultra-capacitors is revolutionising a wide range of the industries Distrelec’s customers operate in, including new energy vehicles, wind turbines pitching control systems, smart grids, heavy duty machinery, industrial back-up power and intelligent instruments.”

“SPS devoted ourselves to be the best super capacitor supplier in the word. We provide not only the different types of EDLC and hybrid cells and modules, but also the energy storage systems. “ the managing director of SPS said. “As one of the most famous dealers in super capacitor industry, DISTRELEC is the best partner. We believe DISTRELEC will bring our products and technologies to market in a more timely manner. We will work together to provide best service to our customers and help our customers to success.”

As a high power, low temperature resistance, long life, safe and reliable component, super capacitor is widely used in rail transit, automobile, electric power, new energy, and many industrial fields. And in the wave of global automotive electrification, super capacitors will make up for the power characteristics of battery products perfectly, which is an ideal solution to many challenges of new energy vehicles. Therefore, the application potential and market space of super capacitors will be greatly released and increased.


More information of SPS, please visit our website: www.spscap.com

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