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Application Area

Application of SPSCAP™ in the Mass Transportation area

Power Supply System in Energy Storage Tram

Energy Storage Tram capacitor auto

SPS provides super capacitor or super capacitor/battery complex energy storage systems for mass transportation. They can be used in the traction and braking energy recovery systems in trams.

Complex start-up power supply for diesel locomotive


SPS provides modules which are integrated with the batteries for better engine start-up. SPS also provides integrated start-up power supplies. Super capacitor can improve the start up performance under low temperature, extend the lifetime of battery and improve reliability of the power supply system.

Braking Energy Recovery System

Braking-Energy-Recovery-System-of-supercapacitors-battery-2 SPS provide MW energy storage solutions based on super-capacitor, applicable to the braking energy recovery system for subway.

Application Principle

In the mass transportation system, the supercapacitor energy storage unit can realize the functions of braking energy recovery and voltage stabilization.

Braking energy recovery: The super capacitor based system can be charged and store the energy gener-ated at braking,and discharge when cars are lunching,which will reduce energy wasted on the braking resistors.

Voltage Stabilization:When multiple cars are lunched or accelerate at the sam time, the system voltage will be significantly dropped which will influence the cars.The super capacitor energy storage system can discharge when the voltage drops to certain level,so as to sustain system voltage during the operation.

Application Scheme


Safe and Reliable

Strictly follows the quality management system of ISO9001 and IRIS, to ensure the consistency in production.
Good anti-EMC design. Good anti-shock and vibration design.
IP65 protection and waterproof design, suitable for all kinds of environment.
Anti-flaming design to ensure the safety.
Optimized thermal design to ensure a safe operating temperature.
Low failure, easy to maintain and low maintenance cost.

High performance

High power, can be charged and discharged at high current.
Low internal resistance, low temperature rising under high charging and discharging current.
High insulation standard
Low leakage current
Wide range of working temperature from -40℃ to 60℃

Intelligent Management System

Intelligent active balancing circuit for cells, to ensure consistency in one  module.
Abnormal alarming of over-voltage and over-temperature.
Advanced management system: Self-diagnosis, remote monitoring and maintenance.


Various cells arrangement
Customized energy storage portfolio to meet the off grid energy requirement.
Meet the high level requirements for safety and protection of mass transportation coaches.
Accessary inspection and maintenance equipment.

Suitable Product

HV-system-capacitor auto
MCP-Series-supercapacitors battery
scp series-capacitor auto
SCP series
SCE-series-supercapacitor battery
SCE series