MCF -5.5V Series

MCF 5.5V-Low ESR Capacitor
Hybird battery packs
Pulse power
Bridege or hold-up power
Valve and solenorid actuation

MCF 5.5V series refers to the MCF ultracaps whose rated voltage is 5.5V. The nominal capacity of standard product, which consists of two 2.5V SCV cells, are 0.5F、1F、1.5F. The outer is resin sealing form with positivie and negative terminals on one side.
These series supcaps are very smart, mass weight is no more than 6.5 g. As typical low ESR capacitor,MCF 5.5V series supcaps’ ESR(DC) is between 525 and 750 mΩ. AC@1KHZ range from 350 to 500 mΩ .
The electrochemical reaction incurred during the charging and discharging process is highly reversible, as well as a superior performance in low temperature.Most charge transfer during the charging and discharging process of the super capacitor takes place on the surface of the active substance,so the capacitance attenuation with temperature decrease is very small.
SPS provides MCF 5.5V series electrical capacitor as the back-up power supply for many application, to improve reliability and safety and reduce maintenance cost. Like 5.0V series, 5.5V series ultracaps are suitable to the environment with high humidity,such as intelligent water meter、the gas meter,ect.

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