MCF -5V Series

MCF-5.0V -electrical capacitor
Hybird battery packs
Pulse power
Bridege or hold-up power
Valve and solenorid actuation

MCF 5V series refers to the MCF ultracaps whose rated voltage is 5V. The nominal capacity of standard product, which consists of two 2.5V SCV cells, are 0.5F、1F、1.5F. The outer is resin sealing form with positivie and negative terminals on one side.
SPS provides MCF 5V series electrical capacitor as the back-up power supply for areas including AMR, IOT sensors, data storage devices of IT and telecommunication equipment, to improve reliability and safety and reduce maintenance cost.Due to over 500,000 cycle(ΔC ≤ 30% of initial measured value@ 25℃ ,ESR ≤ 200% of specified value) ,MCF 5V series supcaps are a ideal backup power supply.
With wide operating temperature range(-25℃~70℃) and high temperature performance(ΔC ≤ 30% of initial measured value@ 25℃ ,ESR ≤ 200% of specified value), MCF 5V series can be used under high temperature environments. Because of resin sealing form, the series electrical capacitor are suitable to the occasions with high humidity, eg intelligent water meter、the gas meter.

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