MCF series ultra capacitor&apply ups
Hybird battery packs
Pulse power
Valve and solenorid actuation

The construction of MCF series is aluminum case with terminals for welding or screw connection, and two capacitor series indise. According to different related voltage, MCF series can be divided into 5V series and 5.5 series.
SCV series can be welded to PCB. High quality soldering and soldering lug should be used during welding. All the welding should be done in less than 3 seconds and the temperature should be below 350 degrees Celsius. Besides keep electric soldering iron away from the shell of products.
These series modles has advantage of long storage time. After charging, although there is a bit current leakage, which occurs during the movement of ions and protons inside the capacitor under the influence of electric field, without any chemical or electrochemical reaction, therefore no new material is produced.Besides the electrode material is stable in the corresponding electrolyte. So the storage time for supercapacitor can almost be unlimited.
MCF series has low internal resistance, and it could achieve fast charge storage and release both on the electrode/solution interface and the body of the electrode materials. With the character of over 500,000 duty cycles, high power performance and low ESR, MCF series is the ideal apply ups and backup power supply.
Because of the resin sealing form, MCF series are adapted to the occasions with high humidity, such as intelligent water meter、the gas meter, etc.

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