The 48V165F series module is a complete energy storage module comprised of 18 series connected individual supercapacitor singles, of which nominal capacitance is 3000F. The series module includes cell balance voltage management circuitry which can protect each cell from operating in a damaging overvoltage condition. The series module has the function of polling (each cell voltage output), and the caution of over voltage or overheating, are mainly used in automotive、railway、wind turbine、industrial、micro grid power storage,ect.
MCP0165C0-0048R0SHC-01、MCP0165C0-0048R0SHC-02、MCP0165C0-0048R0SHC-03 are available to meet different demand.
The module is fixed by positioning holes on four corners, and output by the connection terminals on both sides. The 4P terminal of the module can output the signal of overvoltage alarm and temperature monitor.
The 48 volt capacitor module should only be operated within specified voltage and temperature ratings. Observe polarity indicated on module. Do not reverse polarity.
Fan and heat sink can be installed on the module, which can increase module cooling capacity. The fan needs external
24V power supply, and it`s installed under the module with the sink.

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