Hybird battery packs
Pulse power
Bridge or hold-up power
Valve and solenoid actuation

MCV 5V series refers to the MCV product whose rated voltage is 5V. The capacity of standard ultracapacitor product, which consists of two 2.5V SCV cells, is 0.5F、1F、1.5F. The series supercaps are divided into the narrow lead and the wide lead.

From cross-references of part number system, the suffix with LTP is the narrow lead,the suffix with LTN is wide lead. In generally,the distance of two lead terminals in the narrow lead is 5(±1)mm, the wide lead are 12(±1)mm. These are designed to different connection mode.

With wide operating temperature range(-25℃~70℃) and high temperature performance(ΔC ≤ 30% of initial measured value@ 25℃ ,ESR ≤ 200% of specified value), MCV 5V series can be used under high temperature environments.Due to over 500,000 cycle(ΔC ≤ 30% of initial measured value@ 25℃ ,ESR ≤ 200% of specified value) ,MCV 5V series supcaps are a reliable and safety capacitor in Hybird battery packs 、pulse power 、Bridge or hold-up power 、valve and solenoid actuation.

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