MCV Series backup capacitor
Smart meters
Automatic instrument
Car recordes

The MCV series consists of several SCV cell connected in serial or parallel. As standard models, MCV series in the form of two cells in series connection are available,including 5V series and 5.5V series.
The Outer structure is insulated casing with two lead terminals. SCV series can be welded to PCB. Good welding piece should be used during welding. All should be done in less than 3 seconds. The temperature should be below 350 degrees celsius. Besides keep electricity iron off shell of products.
Due to the characteristics of high capacitor and low ESR, MCV series are used as backup capacitor in AMR、drive recorder、black box. They are also applied in a diverse range of industries, such as auto meter、POS machine、Toy car and plane、long Life Power、Solar Traffic Sign, etc.
These series supercapacitor as well as other series are no pollution, reliable and safety capacitor. With no pollution to the environment,they are an ideal green power.

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