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Application Area

Power Supply Management System


Vehicle power Supply


Emergency Power supply

SPS provides safe and reliable power supply system based on super capacitor modules, which are suitable for engine start-up-stop voltage stabilization, decelaration and braking energy recovery, ect.

In the forms of super capacitor modules, packages, or ancillaries. SPS also provides jump starter or emergency rescuing power supply solutions against low temperature or battery failure.

Application Principle

1 Braking Energy Recovery

2 Engine start-and-stop System

Super capacitor can absorb and store most of the energy generated by the braking process. The excellent power performance ensure the high efficient recovery of the braking energy. When combined with batteries, supercapacitor can reduce the burden on the battery and extend the lifetime of the battery.

The engine start-and-stop system is widely used in car industries.  Super capacitor can help to stabilize the system voltage, increase the output performance of high current and reduce the damage to the batteries by the frequently engine start and stop.

Application Scheme

Safe and Reliable
Strictly follows the quality management system of ISO9001 and TS16949, to ensure the consistency in production.
Strict test to meet the requirements of safety and reliability.
IP65 protection and waterproof design, suitable for all kinds of environment.
Anti-flaming design to ensure the safety.
Optimized thermal design to ensure a safe operating temperature.
Good anti-EMC design. Good anti-shock and vibration design.
Low failure, easy to maintain and low maintenance cost.

High performance
High power, can be charged and discharged at high current.
Low internal resistance, low temperature rising under high charging and discharging current.
Long life of more than one million cycles
High insulation standard
Low leakage current
Wide range of working temperature from -40℃ to 60℃

Intelligent Management System
Intelligent active balancing circuit for cells, to ensure consistency in one module.
Abnormal alarming of over-voltage and over-temperature.

Various cells arrangement
Customized layout design

Suitable Product

MCP Series supercapacitor cars batteries
MCP Series
SCP Series supercapacitor cars batteries
SCP Series
MCE series
SCE series supercapacitor cars batteries
SCE series