Robustness of terminations

The capacitors ,inculding farad capacitor ,shall be subjected to Test Ua1, Ub,Uc and Ud of IEC 60068-2-21, as applicable.

1.Test Ua1—Tensile

The force applied shall be:

–for terminations other than wire terminations: 20 N;

— for wire terminations, see Table 4.

Table 4-Tensile force2.Test Ub-Bending (half of the sample)

Method 1: Two consecutive bends shall be applied in each direction. This test shall not apply if, in the detail specification, the terminations are desribed as rigid.

3.Test Uc-Torsion (remaining sample)

Method A, severity(two successive rotations of 1800) shall be used.

This test shall not apply if in the detail specification the terminations are described as rigid and to components with unidirectional terminations designed for printed wiring applications.

4.Test Ud-Torque(for terminations with threaded studs or screws and for integral mounting devices)

Table 5-Torque5.Visual examination

After each of these tests, the capacitors shall be visually examined. There shall be no visible damage.

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