SCE-SPD Series

SCE-SPD-350f ultracapacitor
Pitching control system of Wind Turbine Generator
UPS and backup power supply
Electronic tools and police flash lights

SPSCAP SCE-SPD series refers to the SCE products whose output type is soldering pillar with terminals on one side . Its rated voltage is 2.7V, capacity range from 350F to 800F.
This series ultracapacitor are usually connnected by welding on PCB board. The temperature of the electric iron is between 350 degrees celsius and 650 degrees celsius. The time of coating heating is less than 10s.
The main application of SCE-SPD is wind power、 jump starter.The key characteristics of SPSCAP ultra capacitor in wind turbine pitching control system include the following three aspects: reliable performance under a wide range of temperature、 good adaptabilities to various geographical environment.Good mechanical reliability for module structure.
Due to the bigger discharge current、shorter charging time and longer life, the SCE-SPD series are replacing battery to become the power storage device of the jump starter. Take 350f ultracapacitor (SCE0350C0-0002R7SPD) as an examlpe, the related votage of 5 cells in series is up to 13.5V, the power can be equal to 2.0L Diesl or 3.0L Perol, while peak current is 350Amp.

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