Note  Not applicable to those terminations which the detail specification describes as not designed for soldering.

The relevant specification shall prescribe whether ageing is to be applied. If accelerated ageing is requried, one of the ageing procedures given in IEC 60068-2-20 or a 4 h dry heat test at 155℃(other test conditions as in Test Ta of IEC 60068-2-20)shall be applied.

Unless otherwise stated in the relevant specification, the test shall be carried out with nonactived flux.

  1. Capacitor with leads

Capacitors shall be subjected to Test Ta of IEC 60068-2-20 either using the solder bath method (Method 1), or the soldering iron method (Method 2), or the solder globule method (Method 3) as prescribed by the detail specification.

When the solder bath method (Method 1) is sepcified, the following requirements apply:

1.1Test conditions

Bath temperature: 235℃±5℃

Immersion time:  2.0s ±0.5 s

Depth of immersion (from the seating plane or component body):

a) all capacitor (including supercaps) expect those of b) below

20-0.5mm, using a thermal insulating screen of 1,5mm±0,5mm thickness;

b)capacitors, indicated by the detail specification as being not designed for use on printed boards: 3.50-0.5

1.2 The terminations shall be examined for good tinning as evidenced by free flowing of the solder with wetting of the terminations.

1.3 When the solder bath method is not applicable, the relevant specification shal define both the method, test conditons and the requiredments.

Note When the solder globule method is used, the requirement shall include the soldering time.

  1. Surface mount capacitors

Capacitors shall be tested in accordance with Test Td of IEC 60068-2-58. The relevant specification shall perscribe the severity and attitude to be used for wetting, dewetting or resisitance to dissolution or metallization consisitent with the surface mounting classification (see IEC 61760-1).

The detail specification shall also indicate the specific areas of the specimen to be exammined after wetting.

2.1 Final inspection, measurements and requirements

The surface mount capacitors shall meet the requirements as prescribed in the relevant specification.

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