Super Capacitor, Perfect Supporting Actor in Post Fuel Vehicle Age

As multiple countries have released timetable to stop sales of fuel vehicles, which declares that fuel vehicles will exit the historical stage in the near future. During the transition period, the market competition between automobile manufacturers with different technical routes, such as hybrid power, pure electric power and fuel cells is getting more and more fierce. It is worth mentioning that supercapacitor, a new type of energy storage device, can be complementary to the aforementioned products, to achieve a leap forward in terms of speed, energy consumption and service-life. According to experts from SPS, a global leader in supercapacitor sector, the famous auto maker Mazda, which has broken guinness world records in car production, has already installed super capacitors on its vehicles.

new energy auto with super capacitor modules

new energy auto with super capacitor modules

In fact, Mazda is not the first one to use capacitor. Honda’s first generation hybrid vehicles had installed capacitors with large capacity to constitute an ultracapacitor to store enough power to drive the vehicle. Similarly, GM had also conducted an impossible task, to capture the power of lightning with super capacitor and use it to start a car successfully. In the post fuel vehicle age, many characteristics of super capacitor have been realized and utilized by auto makers.
Super capacitor has so many advantages such as high power density, fast charging and discharging ability,long cycling life, maintenance-free and high reliability, etc., and it has higher capacity than conventional electrostatic capacitors. Compared with the storage batteries, super capacitors have better performance in discharging with large current. More than a dozen of well-known manufacturers such as Yutong, Jinlong, Golden Dragon, Higer, and CSR, have adopted super capacitor solutions on their new energy buses.

Super Capacitor modules - new energy auto

Super Capacitor modules – new energy auto

On plug-in hybrid bus, braking energy recovery system composed of super capacitor modules can absorb and store the energy produced at braking, and then release the energy during start up or acceleration, so the vehicle could save fuel consumption and reduce emission.

If pure electric vehicles only use batteries as power supply, which has relatively short service life and limited number of charging and discharging cycles, the high power required by the vehicle at start up will have great impact on the batteries. If supper capacitor is connected in parallel with the batteries on the vehicles, it will realize instantaneous high power starting by charging and discharging with high power. Super capacitor provides peak voltage for pure electric vehicles, stabilize the voltage, and significantly extend the service life of batteries.

The technology of fuel cell vehicles still need more time to get mature. Super capacitor with high power density can be complementary to the lithium battery or fuel cell with high energy density, to optimize and improve the energy storage system on vehicles, thus to to improve the stability and safety of vehicles.

While the new energy auto makers are competing with each other, the sport car brand Koenigsegg has created a new world record of fastest car with an average speed of 447 km / h and the maximum speed of 458 km / hour. This record has left new energy vehicles far behind. However, if you want to enjoy the pleasure of driving in a safe and environment-friendly way, you can still try to drive a car installed with super capacitor.

Background Information
Super capacitor is a new type of energy storage device between capacitor and battery. It has the characteristics of fast charging and discharging and energy storage function, but no chemical reaction occurs during the energy storage process. The device has unique characteristics such as high power charging and discharging, long cycling life, environment friendly, wide working temperature, maintenance-free and so on, so it has become a hot spot of research and application in new energy area. In China, the most widely used application for super capacitor is on the braking energy recovery system of urban hybrid electrical buses.

In the following is a video about how to use super capacitor to capture energy from lightning.

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