Supercapacitor makes it easier for diesel vehicles to start up in cold weather

As the mid-and-high latitude areas on the northern hemisphere entered into winter season, most regions have witnessed significant temperature declining. It is reported that the minimum temperature in Inner Mongolia Region has dropped to minus 40 degree centigrade. When the temperature drops to below minus 10 degree centigrade, the high current output capacity of car battery is greatly reduced, resulting in start-up failure for diesel engines. As a high performance energy storage device, supercapacitor can effectively maintain high current output performance at low temperature and has significant advantage in low temperature start up.


For all of the diesel engine vehicles, there is a starting motor powered by specific lead-acid battery and the startup the motor will drive the diesel engine to work. During the startup process, the motor requires tremendous input current in seconds, and the optimum working temperature for lead-acid battery is between 10°C~40°C, because under low temperature, the electrolyte viscosity increases, permeation ability decreases, and internal resistance also increases, as a result, the terminal voltage and capacity of the battery significantly decreases, which leads to the decline of  output power to the level unable to reach the minimum start-up speed required by diesel engine and cause the difficulty in startup.

By contrast, the superpower capacitor has characteristics like high power density, high current with strong charge and discharge capability, long life cycle, etc., which could satisfy the requirements for vehicle to start up under low temperature, and its excellent power  characteristics also give it  incomparable advantages to start up diesel engine at low temperature. Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. offers supercapacitor units for power supply in engine startup for all kinds of vehicles, to ensure the vehicles to start up normally under low power, no power or under low temperature. Inside ultracapacitor there is the double layer mechanism with activated carbon and electrolyte to get supreme capacity, at the same time, they also have other features such as good conducive structure for high current to get through, high power density, instant discharge capacity, new characteristics for organic electrolyte to sustain normal function at temperature below minus 40 degree centigrade with high efficiency

Under low temperature, the parallel connected system of  supercapacitor and storage battery can provide relatively higher current for cars to start up and optimize startup performance of cars. This is undoubtedly a good news for car owners at high latitude and under low temperature conditions. This might eventually terminate the “cold chills” era for cars at startup.

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