Supreme Power Solutions Will Participate the North America Battery Show

The 2017 North America Battery Show will be held in Novi, Michigan from September 12 to 14. The industry leader Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SPS”) will take its blockbuster product to the show to demonstrate the beauty of ultra capacitor products.

SPS will bring it most competitive products to the Battery Show, including small capacity super capacitor for the intelligent instruments, 2.7V high power cells and upgraded SPSCAP ® 2.85V cells. Meanwhile, it will also introduce its applications in new energy buses, passenger cars, and distributed power generation system through its posters, aiming to  showcase its consistent focus on the super capacitor sector and its strong R&D ability in the energy storage related applications.

Considering the wide application of ultra capacitors in new energy buses, SPS leverages the mature technological design and production process of the 48V modules, to further simplify, modulize, standardize its products, and has maintained the advantage of this series in module structure and enhanced the process efficiency on the assembly line, so as to provide strong technical and product support in its effort to explore the overseas market in the automobile industry.

Some of SPS applications first made their breakthrough in the overseas markets. For example , the ultra capacitor’s application in power supply of jump starter for passenger cars is well-received in the overseas market. Since these kind of power supply need to be composed of energy storage units which have the features of high discharging current, high power density, short charging time and long cycling life, and ultra capacitor products could satisfy all of these features.

Supreme Power SolutionsBesides, to keep pace with the development of the battery industry, SPS developed new type of ultra capacitor with the features of high energy storage density, high discharging power, long cycling life and strong

environmental adaptability, protection against overload. These improvements satisfy the need for “higher power and smaller size” for energy storage units by power supply in high performance computer, sensors, telecommunication equipment.

The North American Battery Show, which consists three exhibition areas for batteries, electric vehicle technology and energy storage power supply, is the largest professional battery show in the U.S. The participation of this show will definitely speed up SPS overseas expansion and lay a solid foundation for SPSCAP ® products to the enter into the international market.

About SPS

Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. (SPS) is a leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors, as well as a provider of ultracapacitor energy storage systems and technological solutions. Our products have wide industry applications, such as new energy vehicles, wind turbines pitchcontrol systems, trams and subways, smart grid, micro grid, heavy duty machineries, intelligent instrument, etc. We support more than 200 customers, and our products are exported to 26 countries and territories.

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