Hit PCIM: Ultra Capacitor Company SPS shows its Strength

The ultra capacitor company Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. (SPS) recently has demontrated its latest development in ultra capacitor products at the 2017 PCIM (at Nuremberg). The visitors may see a wide range of ultra capacitor products at the No. 532 booth of SPS in Hall 7 of PCIM.

For Cell products , it has launched upgraded SPSCAP®2.85V product series to cover 720F/800F/4200F capacity,which maintain the intrinsic excellency of supercapacitor in energy storage and dramatically increase the energy storage capacity.The characteristic enables the engineers to reduce the number of cells and overall weight of the system, while maintaining the same power and energy level, thus optimize the design for wind turbine pitch and new energy power vehicles. Thanks to the excellent structure in its design, the product’s specific power and specific energy will improve 10% at the same volumn and life cycle( 1,000,000 cycles). Besides,  Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. Continues to upgrade its 2.7V product series. Its 2.7V500F product series have met the untapped market demand at some capacity levels, and it has excellent performances in many areas such as electric equipment/wind turbines.

Cell Products-ultra capacitor(Pictures of Cell Products)

SPS also made some breakthroughs at module products. Products on shelf at PCIM covers the range of 16V/48V/80V/90V/160V, of which all the cells are combined according to strict matching rules, and the cells are monitored and managed by highly-efficient voltage balancer and highly-reliable structural design to ensure the reliability and stability of the module. For example, the 90 v / 160 v module   widely used in wind power industry maintain good reliability under wide temperature range, and are applicable at different geographical environment, whether at sea or on high latitude. It could work well in conditions of high and low temperature, high heat and humidity, high altitude, salt fog environment, etc., so it is suitable for wind field at various climatic conditions.

modules-ultra capacitorOverseas sales director Samuel said: “the PCIM SPS show super leader position in the electric, we plan to in the field of transportation, electricity, energy, and other overseas layout, providing customers with showed extremely efficient advanced energy storage products, in response to increasingly stringent type power supply requirements.”

communicaiton-ultra capacitor companyAbout SPS

Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. (SPS) is a leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors, as well as a provider of ultracapacitor energy storage systems and technological solutions. Our products have wide industry applications, such as new energy vehicles, wind turbines pitching control systems, trams and subways, smart grid, micro grid, heavy duty machineries, intelligent instrument, etc. We support more than 200 customers, and our products are exported to 26 countries and territories.

More information:https://www.spscap.com

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