Ultracapacitor Makes “Fast and Furious 8”Even More Furious

As the peak of the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast and Furious 8 has received enormous success at global box office with the help of cutting-the-edge technologies. The movie created a world of fantasy for the fans of vehicle racing and science fiction: Vehicles can almost fly under accelerated speed, rapid charging in 60 seconds, super powerful EMP weapons, and fantastic tracer in the form of a cross necklace. What is little known to the audience is that behind many scenes there is an essential energy storage device—-ultracapacitor.

The never changing theme for the franchise is drag racing and speed acceleration technologies.Comparing to the NOS(Nitric Oxide System) technology mentioned in the film review, the ultra capacitor technology could also be used to the motor system of the vehicles and make the driving process safer. If you want to experience the speed acceleration in a second in an environment-friendly way, you may try the HEV(hybrid electric vehicle) equipped with an ultra capacitor. The new generation of Mazda has already got one.

What is worth mentioning is that, for any types of vehicles, no matter luxury cars, sports cars and refitted vehicles, it is not easy to start up at low temperature regions, not to mention drag racing. According to introduction by engineers at SPS, the power supply by ultracapacitor could enable the motors of vehicles to start up smoothly at extremely low temperature. It is deduced that the scene on the ice field at Russian military base also involves ultracapacitors.

The super powerful EMP weapons can be seen through the whole film. This kind of gusty EMP weapons can be charged in only 60 seconds, but is powerful enough to destroy a city in one second. Its utilization can only be realized depending on energy storage devices with rapid charging and high power discharging abilities. Ultracapacitor is exactly the right kind of energy storage devices with these abilities.

People are shocked to see the drone entered into the AEW( airborne early warning airplane). From its size we can see that the energy supply on the drone might not be sufficient, the reason for it to catch up the plane is likely to attribute to the catapult equipment on the ground. Ultracapacitor with its features like high power density, long service life, safe, and well-adapted to different environment, can satisfy the requirement by catapult of planes/drones in terms of high power supply.

The turning point of the movie is when the tracer in the cross flashes red light. It is very normal for tracers to be equipped with GPS devices. But the power supply for the GPS in a cross is a challenge: on one hand, the tracer is so small to have space for energy storage devices, on the other hand, external charging is so difficult that it has to use energy from the environment. The latest micro energy supply system technology has come into being to satisfy this kind of demand, and micro ultracapacitors are born with this new technology.

One rare application for ultracapacitor is to provide instant high power supply for portable wireless telecommunication devices, to enhance the transmitting power of the signal, especially in low temperature environment. This also guarantees the use of wireless telecommunication devices in low temperature environment. If Fast and Furious 9 is really going to be set in the outer space without thermal control as the rumor goes, the relevant equipment will have a higher requirement for energy storage devices, then ultracapacitors which have a wide range of working temperature will be absolutely useful.

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