The 64V125F module is a complete energy storage module comprised of 24 series connected individual supercapacitor singles, of which nominal capacitance is 3000F. The Outer is aluminum case with screw hole. The module has the function of polling (each cell voltage output), and the caution of over voltage or overheating, are mainly used in automotive、wind turbine、industrial、micro grid power storage,ect.

The module is fixed by 4 positioning holes on four concen, and output by screw holes on surface. The 4P terminal of the module can output the signal of overvoltage alarm and temperature monitor.
As energy storage device, the 64V125F modules gravimetric energy density (Emax) are up to 3.5 Wh/kg, the strored energy are reach to 71.1 Wh. With high power density (impedance match power density are up to 6400 W/kg),MCP0125C0-0064R0SHZ can be used as start capacitor in auto car.

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