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Super capacitor can be used as back-up power supply to drive heliostat, so as to enhance the safety, service life and maintenance free feature of the solar-thermal power generation equipment, and make the equipment more environment-friendly.

Application Area

Super capacitor, as a distributed back-up power supply, can be used to drive the heliostat. In cases of equipment failure, the heliostat control system can respond as soon as possible with the support of the backup power supply and readjust the focus of heliostat to prevent accident caused by light focusing on the wrong position.


Application Principle

Super capacitors can replace batteries as backup power for concentrating- solar power. Normally, the power generated by solar-thermal station can charge the super-capacitor until the super capacitor reaches its rated voltage.

In the event of power cutoff, ultracapacitor can drive the heliostat to turn to horizontal position, so so to eliminate the harm to the endothermic tower.

Application Scheme

Safe and Reliable

  • Strictly follows the quality management system of ISO9001, to ensure the consistency in production.
  • Strict test to meet the requirements of safety and reliability.
  • Wide range of working temperature from -40℃ to 60 ℃
  • Low failure rate, easy to maintain and low cost in overall usage

High Performance

  • High power, can charge and discharge with high power
  • Low internal resistance, litter temperature rise for large current
  • Long service life, millions of cycling times
  • High insulation to ensure safety in usage


  • Flexible design in capacity and voltage
  • Customized design in structure, to ensure the optimized layout.

Intelligent Management System

  • Customized design in structure, to ensure the optimized layout.
  • Balanced voltage
  • Over-voltage alarm

Suitable Product

SCE-SPA Series
SCE-SPD Series
SCE-SHZ Series