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System Summary

Ultracapacitor System consists of ultra capacitor, equipment case, iCMS, and other electrical devices. The ultra capacitors are replacing traditional ups system battery to become the  power storage device. The usual nominal voltage of ultracapacitor system ranges from 500V to 1500V, which could satisfy most power and energy storage requirement. It can also be custom-made with additional functions such as pre-charge, discharge at maintenance, capacitance balance, monitor&alarm, protection and data transmission, etc. according to customers’ requirements.

energy storage summary

System Function

Real time data collection:Collect real-time data of the voltages on each individual cells or modules, and point temperature on the capacitor case.
Capacitance Balancing Function: keep a balance of capacitance in the cell module and correct capacitance disequilibrium in a timely manner
Real Time Monitor and Alarm Function: Alarm on operating time, capacitance over-voltage/ under-voltage, high/low temperature, and failures
Real-time data transmission: All kinds of data or command can be real-time uploaded to upper computer via TCP/IP protocol or serial port, or accept command from the control-terminal computer.
Real-time data storage: Data records, operation logs, historical alarm events, iCMS master control module is configured with large capacity memory card.
Pre-charge\Discharge at Maintenance: Add-on pre-charge and discharge at maintenance function
Temperature Management System: Add-on heat dissipation system, able to activate automatically at appropriate temperature .
Protection Function: Add-on over-voltage, over-current and over-heat protection, when the data exceed the set level,the capacitor will be cut off to avoid damage to the capacitor.