Electric double layer capacitors : Self-discharge

This part of IEC 62391 applies to fixed electric double layer capacitors (called” supercapacitors”) mainly used in DC circuits of electronic equipment.

Measuring method(refer to figure: Self-discharge test diagram)

  1. Before this measurement is made, the supercapacitor shall be fully discharged. Discharge procedures shall take 1h to 24h and shall be specified in the relevant specification.
  2. Apply the rated voltage UR directly to the supercapacitor terminals, without using a protective resistor. Unless otherwise specified by the relevant specifications, charging time shall be 8 h, including maximum 30 min charge-up time to reach 95% of the applied voltage.
  3. Disconnect the capacitor terminals from the voltage source. Unless otherwies specified in the detail specification, the capacitor shall be kept under standard conditons for 16 h or 24h.
  4. The internal resistance of the d.c. voltmeter used shall have a value of at lease 1MΩ.

The relevant specification shall prescribe

a) discharge duration;

b) applied voltage other than the rated voltage;

c) charging time other than 8 h;

d) the time period between disconnecting the capacitor from the charging voltage and measurement.

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