Capacitor:Passive flammabilty

The following are stated in 62391-1 © IEC:2006(E). For capacitor, like electrolytic capacitor , supercapacitor , high voltage capacitor, the test shall be made according to IEC 60695-11-5.

The capacitor under test shall be held in the flame in the position which best promotes burning ( if this position is not given in the detail specification it shall be evaluated by pretesting). Each specimen shall only be exposed once to the flame.

The smallest, a medium (in the case of more than four case sizes), and biggest case size shall be tested. Of each case size, three specimens of the maximum and three specimens of the minimum capacitance shall be tested, resulting in six specimens per case size.

For time of exposure to flame and burning time, see Table 6. If applicable, the detail specification shall specify the category passive flammability.


The burning times of any specimen shall not exceed the time specified in Table 6. Buring droplets or glowing parts falling down shall not ignite the tissue paper.

Table 6-Severities and requirements- Passive flammabilty

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