According to IEC 62391-1(First edition 2006-04) ,the measurements of capcitors’ vibration prescribed in the relevant specification shall be made.

1.The capacitors shall be subjected to Test Fc of IEC 60068-2-6, using the mounting method and the degree of severity prescribed in the relevant specification.

2.When specified in the detail specification, during the last 30 min of the vibration test an electrical measurement shall be made in each direction of movement to check intermittent contacts, or open- or short-circuits.

The method of measurement shall be prescribed in the detail specification.

The duration of the measurement shall be the time needed for one sweep of the frequency range from one frequency extreme to the other.

3.After the test the capacitors shall be visually examined. There shall be no visible damage. When capacitors are tested as specified in 4.17.3 of IEC 62391-1(First edition 2006-04) ,the requirements shall be stated in the detail specification.

4.The measurements prescribed in the relevant specification shall then be made.

SPS note: these specifications are applicabled for supercapacitors.

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