Cell SPS Ultracapacitor

SPSCAP®EDLC ultra capacitors using ACP activated carbon coating/dry-method electrode and organic electrolyte system, characterized by high capacity, low resistance, low leakage, and high reliability.

According to different capacity and appearance, three series such as SCV, SCE and SCP  are available.

spscap module

SPSCAP® standard module product line has the following specifications ,such as MCV, MCF, MCE, MCP,according to different voltage and capacity, suitable for different voltage, power and energy requirements. These modules are grouped strictly according to   cell matching rules, and achieve a highly efficient voltage balance  between cells.

SPS ultracapacitors syetem

Ultracapacitor system consists of a monitoring unit with touch screen, a voltage and temperature monitoring and voltage-balancing unit, intelligent management software, etc. The system can also monitor, manage and maintain the ultra capacitor module and activate the alarm when abnormal conditions occur to the capacitors.