Electric double layer capacitors : Self-discharge

This part of IEC 62391 applies to fixed electric double layer capacitors (called” supercapacitors”) mainly used in DC circuits of electronic equipment. Measuring method(refer to figure: Self-discharge test diagram) Before this measurement is made, the supercapacitor shall be f···
leakage current -supercaps

How to measure leakage current of supercaps

    In generally,  leakage current  is current that flows in supercaps that is thought to be in a “off” mode where ideally no current would flow. For  internation standard:IEC 62391-1,Leakeage current is a value of current that folws through a supercaps after a charge for a ···
communicaiton-ultra capacitor company

Hit PCIM: Ultra Capacitor Company SPS shows its Strength

The ultra capacitor company Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. (SPS) recently has demontrated its latest development in ultra capacitor products at the 2017 PCIM (at Nuremberg). The visitors may see a wide range of ultra capacitor products at the No. 532 booth of SPS in Hall 7 of PCIM. F···